I always found it odd that Pearl Jam and Nirvana got lumped together under the Grunge category. Other than being from Seattle, the two bands couldn’t be more different. While Nirvana was more forward looking, Pearl Jam are more of an extension of the great 1970s arena rockers like the Who.

That doesn’t mean that Pearl Jam aren’t great—I actually prefer listening to them more often than Nirvana, and Eddie Vedder’s rich tenor is one of my favorite rock voices.

Pearl Jam has stood the test of time—something few would have predicted in 1991. It skyrocketed to the top with its first release, Ten, and as the imitators came and went, Pearl Jam just kept going.

Looking back at 1992, we weren’t sure who would make it through: Vedder or Cobain. Both had them crazy eyes. But Vedder found a path through, and that also warrants admiration.

Through all of Eddie Vedder’s various moods and efforts to shed fans, they kept touring and making music. While Ten is their most popular album, is the one I return to most often. But each album has at least a track or two that’s still worth listening to.

At this point, they’ve become one of the most dependable arena rock bands around—you know you’ll get your money’s worth at a Pearl Jam show.

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