Of the bands that came to fame in the early 1990s, Nirvana has probably had the greatest lasting impact. One of the first grunge bands to make it big, Nirvana pioneered the heavy sound from Seattle, but they also transcended that genre. It didn’t matter that you couldn’t understand what the hell he was singing about—and when you did, that the words didn’t make much sense.

Kurt Cobain crafted songs of alienation carried by memorable melodies. I could have put pretty much every song from Nevermind on this mix—it’s that good of an album. For a band with just three studio albums, there are many gems. The quality of the music keeps it relevant. The band’s influence is becoming more apparent in popular music: you can hear some of Cobain’s riffs in music from Courtney Barnett to Muse. Press play and turn it up.

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