According to the New York Times, there are no sad songs, only sad people. Or something like that. I agree—most songs aren’t inherently sad; a lot has to do with how we felt when we first bonded with them. Take Dylan’s “Buckets of Rain,” for example. I don’t often feel blue after listening to it, but after reading the lyrics, I could see how some would think it a sad song. Especially if rain makes you sad.

On the other hand, I don’t think anyone can listen to “Mad World” by Gary Jules, “New York Times” by Simone Felice, or “Lonely Anywhere” by the everybodyfields and come away feeling cheery. So here are the saddest songs I could think of on a rather dreary day here ay Mix Mister headquarters.

Mix Mister B recommends listening to the Yacht Rock mix as a remedy.