The Super Bowl halftime as we know it—an extravaganza featuring the biggest names in pop—didn’t start until 1991 when New Kids on the Block took the stage during Super Bowl XXV. Before that, we mostly sat through elaborate college marching bands or Up With People.

Since NKOTB, the shows escalated in star power and showmanship, culminating in Janet Jackson flashing the world. In the aftermath we’ve had a string of safe but solid performances. This mix features one song from a band or performer from each of the past 24 Super Bowls. There have been some truly odd collaborations in the name of crossover appeal: Aerosmith and N’Sync; Shania Twain and No Doubt.

My favorite performance, Prince in 2007, isn’t represented because we’re still waiting for his estate to put his music back on streaming services (soon, we hope!).

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